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“19/4/23 Moship celebrate the 80th anniversary of wo/manity’s original innerspace encounter with the Spirit of Basel aka the 25th Wonder of the World aka the Antidote to Everything, in the form of debut release A2E ft Michael Horowitz.

In an audacious audiovisual-digital intervention (featuring special guest orator Michael Horowitz) we wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend this most marvellous medicinal (safe and effective) scientific elixir and do Highly Resolve to issue this Life Style Decree : create A2E release A2E and consume A2E. i.e Lieb Sich Dich!”

Colin Angus and Digital Habitat are joined by guest orator Michael Horowitz to release their first “Moship” track “A2E ft Michael Horowitz” (the Antidote to Everything) – a celebration of the power of psychoactive substances available on the 80th anniversary of “Bicycle Day” (the original Lab Leak), when acid godfather Dr Albert Hofmann wobbled home on two wheels, inceptively experiencing the full spectrum of psychedelic effects from the nascent LSD-25 he had recently synthesized and imbibed.

The lyrics to A2E are an extended mix of a talk Michael gave at the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel in 2006 honouring Hofmann.

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The Moship video is premiered on YouTube on bicycle day 19/04/23 @ 19.00 London time and at various respected psychedelic establishments such as the gaia lounge in Basel. Moship have also been developing their visual messaging on their social channels with some elementary AI, while developing more songs.

The A2E video will be available here shortly after the YouTube premier.

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Michael Horowitz interviews Alber Hofmann

Albert Hofmann

Here’s a interview that Moship special guest & orator Michael Horowitz did for ‘High Times’ issue 11 1976 with Dr Albert Hofmann who discovered LSD-25. Read interview
Credit also to @erowid

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The original journey

Bicycle ride

GaiaMedia Founder Dieter Hagenbach inked the path of the super-iconic, LSD-challenged bike ride through Basel Albert took from Sandoz to his home, closely monitored by young laboratory assistant Susi Ramstein, who subsequently became the first woman to take #LSD.

Published by #MichaelHorowitz & #DieterHagenbach from Lysergic World, no 1 (1993)

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Release info

Artist: Moship
Song: A2E ft Michael Horowitz
Release date: 19/04/23
Record Label: Moksha Recordings Ltd
Distribution: AWAL
Catalog number: MOKSHA19DGEP1
Bar Code/UPC: 5065001018459
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Colin Angus – Guitars, Shipibo Rattle, Pureblood Lines, Vox Pop, Lyran Whispers
Digital Habitat – Keyboards, Programming
Michael Horowitz – LSDistillations, Spoken Word
Friar Pax – Silvaslide

Lazarus Taxon and Digital Habitat – Production
Digital Habitat at Moship Studios – Mixing
Suade – Mastering

Colin – Original Moship logo idea
Mark Cowley – Logo development and digital realisation
Cindy Palmer – Michael Horowitz photo
ArtHog – Colin photo.
Emma Wilson – Digital Habitat photo.
Emma Wilson – A2E sleeve
Psychedelic Jim – Video and misc psyc visuals
Digital Habitat – Video Editing

Colin Angus and Digital Habitat – Composition

℗ & © 2023 Moksha Recordings Ltd
© 2023 Tairona Songs Ltd

Other Credits
Moksha Recordings moksha.co.uk Record label
Tairona Songs taironasongs.com Publisher
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